Henry VIII taxation and foreign policy.


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Had money left from Henry VII but Henry's lifestyle which was very ellaborate and lavish and also being very forward with foreign policy made him run out pretty fast.

1513 subsidy was levied and another objection from the North as it was a war with France. The total tax taken was around £62,000 many areas complained that they didnt have it. Passive Resistance took place and some areas didnt pay till 1515. Wolsey put before parliament a collection of £800,000 worth of taxes to be collected. This was denied but instead a smaller amount was collected over 4 years for eventully a sum of 136,578 pounds had been collected the biggest EVER.

Wolsey designed the Amicable Grant which was 1/6 value of moveable goods and 1/3 of the clergys previous opposition.

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