Henry VIII New King and Nobility.


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New King

Smooth succesion to Henry VIII hadnt been seen since 1422.

This made it a struggle for other aristocrats opposing Henry. Kept the death secret for two days as Earl of Oxford tried to sonvince Henry VIII to reform.

Henry VII became unpopular and Nobles wanted Henry's reign to be full of glory and fame.

Thomas More wrote a poem saying how England would change under the new Henry. Sense of relief from the nobility.

Henry executed Empson and Dudley for treason. Bonds that Henry VII made were cancelled. Henry was determined to marry Catherine of Aragon.

He brought many more nobility aroudn the country such as Charles Brandon who was Henry's standard Bearer's son as the Duke of Suffolk.

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He needed the nobility to enforce his will, offer troops when needed etc. Was concerned with Yorkist threat which he treated as Paranoia.

Primary threat was the "White Rose Party" Edmund del a pole was imprisoned by Henry VII however his brother Richard was still big in France. As part of preparations for war in 1513 Henry had Edmund executed as he thought there would be discontent in england if he was at war in France.

Richard del a pole was known as 'Richard IV' by the French but fortunately died at the battle of Pavia 1525. Henry destroyed family in the 1530's.

Henry was paranoid of many others also and ordered Wolsey to keep watch on Duke of Suffolk and Buckingham. Buckingham was under suspension and was reported saying "he wont be king for long" so was taken to London, imprisoned and executed in 1521

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