Henry VIII Foreign Policy

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Henry Captured Therouanne and Tournai

 Battle of the Spurs - England vs France - France surrended 

Battle of Flodden - Scotland vs England - Lead by the Earl of Surrey - Scots defeated - James IV of Scotland killed 

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Louis XIII France dies - succeeded by Francis I

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King Ferdinand of Spain dies - successed by Charles V 

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Treaty of London - signed by England, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, the Swiss Republic and various German states

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Death of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian - Succeed by Charles V

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Field of the Cloth of Gold - Meeting Between Francis I and Henry VIII

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Secret Treaty between Henry VIII and Charles V against France

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The Duc de Bourbon rebbelled against Francis - Looked to Henry and Charles for support - Henry sent 100,000 troops - Charles was meant to send reinforcements but let Henry down

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Amicable Grant - Failed - Lack of Money to fight France

Battle of Pavia - Francis taken prisoner by Charles V

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Henry wants an annulment from Catherine of Aragon (Charles V Aunt)

Wolsey knew this would put a strain on the relationship between Charles and Henry so he started to negotiate a French Alliance

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Battle of Landriano - Spain vs France - French defeated

Peace made at Cambrai 

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England and French alliance formed

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Henry marries Anne of Cleves - Formed an alliance with the Duke of the River Rhine - Henry realised he didn't need the alliance (and didn't like the look of Anne) - Divorced

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