Henry VIII and the Church - Opposition to the Reformation

Revision Cards to show opposition Henry VIII faced during the Reformation of the Catholic Church. 

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Thomas More

  • Friend of Henry VIII
  • Lord Chancellor in 1529
  • More didn't like the control Henry had over the church and tried to retire from public life. Henry felt he was deserting hum in his hour of need
  • Refused to take the oath of Supremacy. Passive resisted
  • Executed in 1535
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Holy Maid of Kent

  • Holy Maid of Kent - Elizabeth Barton 
  • Had visions, predicting Henry VIII would fall from power if he tried to divorce Catherine.
  • Immediately she was arrested, forced to swear her visions were a hoax 
  • Was executed in 1534
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Carthusian and Franciscan Monks

  • Critised Henry's treatment of Catherine and the Pope 
  • Both orders were well respected and leading figures in sociey regularly visted them 
  • Franciscnas were united against Henry and so were imprisoned in 1534
  • War of attrition against the Carthusians, trying to force them to submit.
  • Both were dissolved in 1539
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John Fisher

  • Bishop of Rochester 
  • Supported the power of the Pope, Catherine of Aragon and the Holy Maid of Kent 
  • Arrested and then was released
  • Refused to swear an oath accepting Henry's divorce to Catherine. Fisher was then re-arrested.
  • The Pope made him a Cardinal . Fisher was tired for treason and executed in 1534
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Opposition for Abroad

  • Henry feared invasion from Catholic Europe.
  • Saw the power Catherine held over the Church as a huge threat 
  • Henry forced Catherine to denounce Mary as illegitmate and therefore, no longer heir to the throne. 
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