Henry VIII

Defending England

  • Showed concern about his country being invaded by Spain
  • Tries to avoid war where possible
  • Smart plans to build good relations with countries
  • Built up the Navy
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Securing the dynasty

  • Failed to produce a male heir until 3rd wife
  • Worried that there would not be a son to take over
  • Worried that Tudor family would lose control of England
  • Produced a deformed child- Christians believed to be bad punishment
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Keeping law and order/keeping country peaceful

  • Had a rebellion
  • Married his brothers wife
  • Gained permission from Pope for this
  • Christians thought it was bad
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Balancing the Books

  • Shortly after father became King- inherited 1.5 million pounds from father
  • 1530's- much of money was used up
  • Henry imposed heavy taxes
  • Sold land which gave a bigger income
  • Closed down monastries and Nunneries- monks and nuns were all poor
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Championing Religion/Defending the faith

  • Anne Boleyn had strong opinions about religion
  • Persuaded Henry to give permission to publish bibles written in English
  • Roman Catholic Church didn't approve
  • 1536- Henry gave permission
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