Henry VIII (1509-47)

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Amicable Grant 1525

  • unwilling and, allegedly, unable to pay taxes to fund a war against France
  • protestors in several counties, but mainlyin Suffolk, forced the government to back down
  • no rebels were punished
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Silken Thomas 1534-7

  • Silken Thomas O'Neill began a rebellion in Dublin after hearing his dad, Earl of Kildare, was arrested and imprisoned
  • Thomas and his 5 uncles attacked Henry's administration before submitting to an Anglo- Irish army
  • leaders were executed in London
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Pilgrimage of Grace 1536-7

  • 3 separate risings in Lincolnshire (led by Dymoke), Yorkshire and other northern counties (led by Aske), and a brief disturbance in Yorkshire and Cumberland (led by Bigod) challenged Henry's religious reforms
  • they also had economic, social and political grievances
  • largest and longest rebellion
  • over 200 executions in 1537
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