Henry VII (1485- 1509) Rebellions

The main rebellions of Henry VII. Short summaries of what happened

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Lovel 1486

  • Lovel sought to overthrow Henry VII
  • Lovel took sanctuary in Colchester, escaped, then raised troops at Middleham (Yorkshire) to overthrow Henry VII
  • he failed and fled to flanders
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Stafford 1486

  • Humphrey and Thomas Stafford escaped after the Battle of Bosworth and took sanctuary at Colchester abbey
  • they fled to Worcester, escaped again
  • captured at Culham church (Oxfordshire)
  • Humphrey was executed
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Simnel 1486-7

  • Simnel claimed to be the Earl of Warwick who had better claim to throne than Henry VII
  • won the support of several English and Irish nobles, including Lincoln and Kildare, plus foreign troops
  • captured on battlefield of East Stoke
  • king made him a servant in the royal household
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Yorkshire 1489

  • unwilling to pay taxes against France
  • protestors in Yorkshire led by Sir John Egremont killed the Earl of Northumberland before royal troops dispersed them
  • some rebels executed
  • Egremont escaped to France


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Warbeck 1497

  • Warbeck claimed to be Duke of York
  • won support from a few English nobles- William Stanley, the Lord Chamberlain- from Cornish peasants still annoyed from treatment at Blackheath, and at sometimes foreign states
  • captured, imprisoned in Tower and executed in 1499
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