Henry IV Quotes

Quotes from Henry IV

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Henry IV Quotations

So shaken are we so wan with care 

Herein I will imitate the sun

I am villain

Thou hast done much harm against me, Hal

Good, sweet, honey Lord

A son who is the theme of honors tongue 

Riot and dishonor stain the brow of my young Harry

Do not thou, when thou art King hang a thief

Envy of Northumberland being the father to 'so blest a son'

Night-tripping fairy

Fat rouge 

Courage! To the fields!

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John Donne - The Good Morrow Quotes

Let us posses one world, each has one and is one

If our two loves be one

My face in thine eye, thine in mine appears

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John Donne - Elegy 19 Quotes

My new found land

Until I labour, I in labour lie

S Where my hand is Set, my Seal shall be

H Loves Hallowed temple, this soft bed

Far Fairer world encompassing

License my roving hands, let them go behind, before, between, above, below

Off with that girdle... now off with those shoes

N I am Naked first, what needst thou have more covering than a man.

Tis now your bed time...

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