Henry and Pretenders


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Lambert Simnel.

The death of Richard caused a problem for Yorkists they needed someone to rally support around. Simnel and Warbeck were serious challenges to Henry as they were involved with foreign politics and pressured his security a lot of the time.

Richard Symonds who was a priest in Oxford thought on of his pupils Lambert Simnel tried to pass him off as the younger son of Edward IV, Richard of York who was 'supposed' to have been murdered in the tower they then thought that Warwick hasnt been seen in a long time so decided to go off as him.

Simnel was taken to Ireland to gain support in the Autumn and Henry seemed to become aware of it in 1487.

Henry displayed the real Warwick round London to prove he was a pretender but Yorkists claimed that the one which Henry was showing was the pretender.

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Lambert Simnel part 2

Mercenaries joined lovell and John del a Pole from Margaret of Burgundy. Simnel was crowned Edward VI by the archbishop of Dublin. All of them landed in Ireland on 5th May. Margaret was very wealthy and a very good politician to oppose Henry. She also gained support from the King of Ireland. 4th June 1487 Lincoln's army landed at Furness in Lancashire. Henry expected this so he already had an army prepared and rady to fight them at East Stoke near Newark on 16 June 1487.

Lincoln had about 8000 troops Henry 12000. After about 3 hours of fighting Lincoln, Schwarz and thomas geraldine were killed. Lovell may have been killed but was never heard of again. Simnel and Symonds were both captured. Henry attainted 28 of the supporters.

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Perkin Warbeck

Arrived in Ireland fro mFrance in 1491. He claimed he was Richard of York youngest son of Edward IV. Prof Chrimes suggested Warbeck was a pawn of Charles VIII, to be used as a lever against Henry if he became too anti - French over Brittany. Warbeck stated the King sent an advisor and he travelled throug hFlanders which may mean some connection with Margaret of Burgundy.

Warbeck certainly recieved support from France as by the summer 1492 100 yorkist supporters had joined him in Paris. The Treaty of Etaples meant that he had to flanders where he obtained support from the dowager Duchess who said he was her nephew. Vergil suggests it was one of Henry's main motives to conquer France was to stop the support to Warbeck.

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