Henry VIII: Social and Domestic Policy



  • Court Of Star Chamber: Provided cheap and impartial justice.
  • Court of Chancery dealt with legal matter such as property and wills.
  • Attempts to investigate enclosures 1517 found 264 cases against landowners.
  • 1540 Act against sanctuary.
  • Greater authority given to council of the North after 1536
  • Universities at Cambridge and Oxford were growing
  • 60,000 people living in London.
  • Increased number of of JPS.
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  • Amicable Grant 1525 led to a rebellion in East Anglia with 10,000 rebels
  • Lincolnshire uprising 1536: Opposition to religious reforms, led to pilgrimage of grace.
  • Pilgrimage of Grace 1536, 30,000 reebels against 8,000 royal soilders
  • Issues with enclosures and engrossing not effectively addressed 3% of land was still enclosed by 1547.
  • Population rises: 2.3 million (1522) 2.8 million (1545): not enough food to cope with population rise.
  • Bad harvests
  • Church could no longer help and provide charity for the poor
  • Agressive foreign policy damaged trade and income.
  • 1536 law to prevent and solve vagrancy
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