Henry VII - Government

Why Would Parliament be Important to the King?

·         Taxes

·         Control population (enforce law)

·         Declare war

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The Court System

·         The court system is the centre of the government

·         It was where the power of the monarch was demonstrated

·         The court was where you could meet influential people

·         There are 2 levels to the court

·         Household – responsible for looking after the king, supervised by Lord Steward

·         Politics – looked after by Lord Chamberlain

·         Henry responded to the conspiracy by creating the privy chamber where the king could retreat to privacy

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The King's Council

·         Advise the king over matters of state

·         Administer law and order

·         Act in a judicial capacity in the prosecution of nobles

·         Henry used smaller committees formed from within the council

·         The latter committee was resurrected as the court of requests

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The Council Learned in Law

·         Responsible for keeping up to date with wardship, marriage and payments on inheriting property to all the King’s tenants and the collection of feudal dues that were owed to him

·         Supervised the collection of bonds and recognisances

·         Maintain revenue and exploit the King’s rights

·         Established in 1495

·         Defend the King’s position as a feudal landlord

·         Empson and Dudley in charge

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The Star Chamber

·         Council met to consider judicial matters

·         Dealt with the nobles

·         Punish anyone who behaves in a rebellious manner

·         Established in 1487

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The Privy Chamber

·         Advise king over matters of state

·         Administer law and order

·         Act in a judicial capacity

·         Private – present ideas to the king’s council

·         Established after the William Stanley conspiracy in 1495

·         So that only a few people could meet as Henry only trusted a few people

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·         Pass laws

Raise taxes

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Justices of the Peace

·         Like the police force of the time

·         Maintain law and order

·         Enforce laws

·         Unpaid position

·         Increases their power by giving them more jobs and power

·         Power to regulate ale houses and assess taxes

·         Limits the role of the sheriff and local noble

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