Henry VI


Henry VI Personality

  • studious but naive to king functions; quiet, poor judge of character
  • not a military leader, easily manipulated and indecisive - pious and unimpressive ruler
  • more of a saint than a king as he was devoted to education and learning
  • 1453 he goes insane - presumably inherited
  • less popular and powerful that Henry IV and V

ENTIRELY INACTIVE                                            SOME ACTIVE ROLES

- doesn't get involved in war                                  - Treaty of Troyes is signed

- relying on other leaders and advisors                 - in exchange for peace he married Margaret

- focussing on religion and education

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Margaret of Anjou


  • didn't behave like traditional king - devoted to learning and religion
  • insanity and mental incapacity
  • lost a large amount of French land
  • not militarily involved
  • easily manipulated
  • indecisive


  • controlling
  • manipulating
  • strong
  • determined
  • divisive
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Duke of Suffolk


  • he negotiated the truce and Tours
  • was a key advocate of the English attack on Foligres
  • widely regarded as manipulating the king's weak and indecisive personality
  • tried to arrange a marriage between his sonand Margaret Beaufort, Somersets niece
  • leading member of Henry's government
  • chamberlain of England - strong financial position
  • Henry's favourite


  • tried to arrange marriage b/t son and Margaret Beaufort
  • manipulated the king's indecisive and weak personality
  • militarily weak
  • advocate of attack on Fougres - nobles lost land 
  • scapegoated for losses in France
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