Henry V


His Background

Military Experience:

  • A very able military commander and warrior
  • Faced a rebellion inspired by a heretical group (Lollards), which he surpressed with great firmness
  • Winning a number of highly significant victories
  • Led troops against his fromer ally, Henry Hotspur

Political Experience:

  • Treaty of Troyes = agreement from English P.O.V that made Henry heir to France throne
  • Gaining increasingly important role in governing the realm as part of a council that partly ruled in place of the king
  • publicly excluded from political influence
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1413 - 1415 Henry Prepares for War

  • Henry was keen to regain a number of these losses
  • Early in his reign he sent ambassadors to the French king, claiming all territories that were historically regarded as English
  • Also asked Cathering of Valois in hand in marriage, accompanied by a large dowry
  • The dauphin insulted Henry by sending tennis balls to him
  • Adopted conciliatory attitude towards welsh, investigated complaints and issues
  • Took measures to rehabilitate the Percy family, organised for Hotspur's heri to return to England
  • Henry held king James I of Scotland as prisoner
  • Henry agreed to a ten-year truce with druke of Brittany
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The Battle of Agincourt 1415

Henry V's Leadership:

  • Managed to cross River Somme, gained half a days march
  • Organised tactics and troops
  • United forces - king in battle inspired his troops
  • Ordered prisoners to be killed

Military strength:

  • Highly skilled archers (80& or army)
  • Military experience in harfleur
  • Tactics to provoke calvary, archers secretly behind army

Failures of French:

  • Lack of clear leadership, French king didn't lead as he was ill
  • Compact formation made it easier for archers and French panicked
  • French had heavy armour and calvery at the back so soldiers could not retreat (didn't use geographical kowledge)
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National Hero V Egotistical Villian

National Hero:

  • Victories showed leadership and skill despite military disadvantage
  • Reclaimed lands from 100-years war and Treaty of Troy
  • Became heir to French crown = more power
  • Appears to bring conclusion to the war and achieved patriotism and unity across England

Egotistical Villian:

  • Killed French Prisoners - against military protocal
  • Put lives at risk to defend his own honour
  • Egotistical - believed victories meant he was rightful king and approval for French claims
  • Easily angered - French tennis ball incident
  • Ruthless towards the French
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Henry V Legacy

Succeses                                                               Failures

Treaty of Troyes                                                      Slaughtering huge amount of French

Battle of Agincourt                                                  Starving innocent civillians

Marriage to Catherine of Valouis                            Died too young

Anglo-Burgundian Alliance                                     Hot-headed

Percy family rehabilitation                                      Leaves an infant king (Henry VI)

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