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Change And Contrast in Characters

Mickey is what Edward wants to be like when he is young, however when they’re older, Mickey wants to be like Edward. Mrs Johnstone starts off being superstitious and towards the end, Mrs Lyons gets superstitious. Mrs Lyons moves from the Inner City to the Countryside. Cheeky/Posh… Good/Bad CYCLICAL - life and death.

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Random Points

Marilyn Monroe was glamorous however her life was tragic. This suggests that Mrs Johnstone is attractive however tragic events will affect her in her life time. Mr and Mrs Lyons haven’t adopted before because Mr Lyons wants a son of his own blood. Mrs Lyons makes Mrs Johnstone swear on the Bible because if she breaks the promise she will go to hell. She will most probably not break it = religion is a main factor here. “Constant as the changing weather.” This tells us that Mrs Johnstone’s life is never consistant in one place. She is always moving, or objects in her house are being taken away from here. Mrs Lyons – upper class english accent gives idea that she is posh and wealthy Mrs Johnstone – Liverpool accent gives impression she is lower class and common. (Working class.)

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