help or hinder pennicillin?

how these certain things helped pennicillin

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which factors helped pennicillin?



-scientific experiments

-industry individuals




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how did the government help pennicillin?

-british government gave money to fund the research

-also U.S.A put in lots of money

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how did technology help pennicillin?


-combination of the latest freeze-drying technology

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how did scientific experiments help pennicillin?

-florey and chain

-they tested pennicillin and grew it

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how did industry individualls help penicillin?

-alexandra flemming, he was the founder of it and he is a brilliant individual

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how did communication help pennicillin?

-scientists can talk over telephones

- could send things over to america

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how did war help pennicillin?

- more injuries meant more methods could be tested out

- more illnesses to cure

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how did chance help pennicillin?

- flemming grew bacteria in a dish

-fleming was a messy person and he left bacteria on the window

-because fleming was clever he realised what had happened,that mould was killing the bacteria

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