Heath Issues Associated with ICT

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Back and Neck Problems

Back problems

Many computer users suffer serious back problems.


  • Caused by bad position or bad posture.
  • Using a computer or mobile phone for a long period of time


  • A fully adjustable chair should avoid poor posture.
  • Footrests can reduce these problems.
  • Screens should tilt and turn to a position that avoids awkward movements
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Eye Strain

Eye Strain

Eye-Strain is a problem that appears after using computers for a long time. Eye strain is the tiredness of the eyes


  • Staring at the screen for too long
  • Being too close to the screen
  • Using a screen which flickers
  • Looking at the monitor at the same constant distance
  • Working in bad light, in glare or with a flickering screen
  • What happens is that the muscles that focus the eyes do not move, amd therefore your eyes get tired.
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Eye Strain Continued


  • Burning or Itching eyes
  • Blurring or Double Vision
  • Headache, fatigue and nausea.


  • Have regular eye sight tests
  • Take regular breaks
  • Use proper lightning and window blinds
  • Get Glasses
  • Use TFT/LCD/Plasma Screens
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  • Distance between your eyes and the monitor, or the angle for your elbows and knees.
  • Take regular breaks
  • Sit in adjustible chair with lumbar support
  • Your feet should rest
  • Allow forearms to rest on it when using the keyboard
  • " When you sit, its best to sit in an upright neutral posture. This maintains the natural curve of the spine and so preventing excessive loading of thr lower back.
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Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

What is it?

It is the damage to the fingers, wrists and other parts of the body due to repeated movements over a long period of time.


  • Typing and using a mouse for long periods (carpel-tunnel syndrome)
  • Excessive force used in typing
  • Repetitive finger and hand movements


  • Pain in the arms and hands
  • Weakness and Inflammation
  • Pain the shoulder and neck
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RSI- Solutions


  • Have correct pressue
  • Use wrist rests
  • Have a five-minute break from typing every hour
  • Keep elbows close to your sides
  • Make finger exercises periodically
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Ozone Irritation

Ozone Irritation

Health experts have suggested that ozone emitted from laser printers can lead to breathing problems.


  • It is recommended that laser printers should be situated at least one metre away from where people are sitting and there should be good ventilation in the area.
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