Heat Transfers

Theese are an overview of the Thermal Radiation in the AQA textbook. Questions and answers.

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Thermal Radiation- Questions

Seeing in the dark:
1.How do (police) see people in the dark?
2.What kind of object gives off radiation? 
3.The________ the object the ________ thermal radiation.

Electromagnetic Spectrum:
4.What is the order?

Energy from the Sun:
5.What kind of radiation does the earth's atmosphere block out?

Greenhouse effect:
6.What does the atmosphere act like?
7.What kind of wave lenght can pass through the glass (atmosphere)?
8.What kind of gasses act like the glass?
9.What happens if the ice caps melt?
10. What do we need to cut back on to reduce greenhouse emmisions? 

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Thermal Radiation-Answers

Seeing in the dark:
1. Cameras that detect Thermal Radiation.
2. All objects give off thermal radiation.
3. The HOTTER the object the MORE thermal Radiation.

Elctromagnetic Spectrum
Radio Waves ---> Microwaves ---> infra red Radiation ---> Visible Light--->
Ultra Violet ---> X-rays ---> Gamma rays

Energy from the Sun
The Earths atmosphere blcks out Ultra Violet Radiation (UV)

Greenhouse effect
6. A greenhouse
7. Shorter Wavelength can pass through the earths atmosphere.
8. H20 (Water) CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Methane
9. If the ice caps melt then water levels will rise.
10. We need to cut back on fossil fuels. 

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Surfaces and radiation- Questions

Which Surfaces are the best emitters of heat?
1.Shiny and Light? Dark and Matt?
2.What affects the amount of radiation emitted?

Which Surfaces are the best absorbers of radiation? 
3.Why are the copies warm when they come out a photocopier?
4.What kind of surface absorbs radiation better than a light surface?

5. Where does it happen?
6. What is the process of conduction?
7. Why are non-metals poor conductors? 

8.Where does it happen?
9.What is the process? 

10. Where is heat lost, and how can we reduce this happening? 


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Surfaces and radiation- Answers

Which surfaces are the best emitters of heat?
1. shiny and Light
2. color and smoothness

What surfaces are the best absorbers of radiation?
3. Warm because the radiation from a lamp dries the ink on the paper.
4. Dark surface

5. Solids and Substances
6.metal rod heated, free elctrons at the hot end gain energy and move faster bounce off one another. Transfer energy with other ions and elctrons.
7. Becasue they have no free electrons.

8.Liquids and Gasses
9. Heating up, rises, gets more dense, cools, falls as water (rain)

10.roof, windows, door gaps, walls & floor. Double Glazing, Cavity wall insulation, Loft insulation

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