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Conduction is the process where vibrating particles transfer energy to neighbouring particles.

Conduction occurs mainly in solids and liquid and gases move usually by convection

Other information:
1) energy transferred to an object by heating is transferred to the thermal energy store.
2) the particles in the part of the object being heated vibratemore and collide with each other. These collisions cause energy to be transferred between particles kinetic energy stores . This is conduction.

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All objects radiate invisible waves that carry energy.

Radiation isn’t transferred by particles so they don’t need to be touching

Hotter objects radiate more than cooler ones

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Specific heat capacity

Heat capacity= Total energy % difference/ change in temperature

The units are J/k or J/‘c

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Insulation reduces the rate of energy transfer by heating

Prevent energy losses through heating by:
1) thick walls with low thermal conductivity
2) thermal insulation/cavity walls, double glazed windows, loft conversion.

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Efficiency= useful output energy transfer % total input energy transfer

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