Heart Structure

What is an electrocardiogram

what does an ECG tract show

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What is an electrocardiogram?

  • It monitors the the activity of the Heart.
  • Several electrodes are attached to specific places on a persons chest.
  • These electrodes detect electrical changes in the heart by measuring current at the skins surface.
  • Then the leads are connected to a machine that draws an electrocardiogram (ECG)

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Sinoatrial node

  • Generates a wave of signals.
  • That spread through the atria, this causes them to contract simultaneously.
  • The signal then moves to the apex of the heart.
  • This signal then spreads throughout the ventricles. Which triggers the power contraction of the ventricles.
  • Then finally the heart relaxes, the ventricles become re-primed electrically, ready to conduct signals in the next cardiac cycle.
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