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Improving Adherence - Watt


One way adherence to medical avice can be improved is by improving communication between doctors and patients. By improving communication the patient is clear what to take, when to take it and the reasons behind it. By improving ease of use make sure medication is easy to take convenient to transport and affordable.By providing helpful techniques doctors could issue electronic pill containers which signal when the medication should be taken and by providing positive reinforcement doctors could make taking medication more fun and interesting.

Aim: See if using a Funhaler could improve a child's adherence to taking asthma medication.

M&P: Quasi experiment; asthmatic children; one week using traditonal inhaler and one week using funhaler

Results: 38% more parents were found to have medicated children using the Funhaler compared to the standard one.

Conclusion: By making taking medication more fun and interesting it can improve medical adherence as seen in Watt's study.

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