Health-Related Components of Fitness

We need to be fit and healthy to:

- Work or go to school

- Look after others

- Physically move from one place to another

- Play port and engage in leisure activities

- Make friends and socialise

- Avoid illness and injury

- Feel good about ourselves/ self-esteem and self-worth

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This is the ability for our body's to move quickly either parts of the body of full ligaments.

With a healthy, balanced lifestyle, your speed is affected by:

- your heart and lung being more efficient

- your muscles move quicker therefore more energy is availiable

- muscles become more efficient at producing energy

- your joints are healthier and move easily

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The ability of the muscular system to exert a force for a short period of time. The amount of force exerted depends on the size, number and co-ordination of the muscles involved.

This is important in everyday life to carry objects.

With a healthy, balanced lifestyle, your strength is improved by:

- Enlarges slow-twitch fibres givign a greater potential for energy production

- The size and number of mitochondria is increased.

- Causes musles to get bigger and stronger (hypertrophy)

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The range of movement avaliable at a certain joint.

this is affected by the structure of the joint as well as the tendons, muscles and ligaments.

This is important to prevent strains and move more effectively.

A healthy, balanced lifestyle, improves your flexibilty by:

- allowing your ligaments and supporting tissues to stretch further

- the blood flow to your muscles to increase

- the rise in muslce temperature allows them to be more flexible

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Muscular Endurance

This is the ablility of the muscle or group or=f muscles to repeatedly contract and keep going without rest.

With a healthy, balanced lifestyle, your muscles can keep on going for longer due to greater areobic potential.

Activities like swimming can enlarge slow-twitch fibres improving energy production.

The number of mitrochondria are also imcreased as weel as an increase of myoglogin in the muscle cell.

Anareobic - Increase the sizer of fast-twitch muslces (hypertrophy).

The heart muscle becomes healthier and the size can increase (cardiac hypertrophy).

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Cardiovascular Endurance or Stamina

The cardiovascular system involves transporting oxygen around the body. This includes:

- Heart

- Blood Vessels

- Blood

The benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle for your cardiovascular system include:

- healthy capillaries and increase in capillary density and efficiency

- healthy heart (less likely to suffer from heart disease).

- Good blood circulation; alongside exercise that can increase the amount of blood pumped by the heart

- Healthy blood pressure and a decrease in resting heart pressure

- feeling energetic - increase in haemoglobin which carries oxygen.

- increase in the number of red blood cells.

- Feeling less tired both physically and mentally.

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