Health related fitness components

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Cardiovascular fitness

Ability of heart and lung systems to cope with activity over a period of time.

Running, basketball, netball.

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Muscular strength

A combination of strength and speed to produce power.

  • Dynamic strength = ability of the muscles to exert the force required to get the body moving and to keep it moving.
  • Explosive strength = ability of the muscles to exert a force quickly and powerfully. 
  • Static strength = ability of the muscles to exert a force to a fixed or stationary object.

Shotputt, weight lifting.

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Muscular endurance

Ability of a single muscle or muscle group to work very hard for a period of time.

Rowing, biking, long distance skiing.

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The range of controlled limb movement around joints.

Gymnastics, hurdles.

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Body composition

The amount of fat, muscle and bone in the body.

Ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph.

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