Health Related Fitness

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Muscular Endurance

Health Related Components of Fitness


M - Muscular Endurance

"The ability to use voluntary muscles repeatidly without tiring."


  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved posture
  • Limits tiredness (muscles are less effected by lactic acid)
  • Limits injuries

Example - Long distance swimmer; their muscles are able to work hard for long periods of time as they are less effected by lactic acid.

Test - One minute press up test

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Muscular Strength

Health Related Components of Fitness


M- Muscular Strength

"The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance."


  • Greater power can be met when combined with speed
  • Isometric contractions are stronger
  • Improved muscle mass can lead to greater self-esteem (mental benifit)

Example - Weight lifter, shot putter; a shot putter would combine this component with speed to produce power allowing them to accelerate the putting hand whilst pushing against a resistance (the shot put)

Test - Hand grip test

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Body Composition

Health Related Components of Fitness


B - Body Composition

"The percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone."


Can help the performer in their chosen sport. For example a marathon runner would want low muscle/fat to bone ratio as it means they are lighter so have less weight to carry around and their low muscle mass means their are less likey to obtain great amounts of muscle fatigue.

  • Low fat to muscle - Swimming, sprinting (Mesomorph)
  • Low fat and muscle to bone - Marathon (Ectomorph)
  • High Fat and muscle - Shot putter, weight lifter (Endomorph)

Test - Skin fold calipers

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Health Related Components of Fitness


F - Flexibility

"The range of movement possible at a joint."


  • Less stress on muscle fibres
  • Range of movement is increased
  • Decreases the possibility of injury

Example - Gymnastics; performers have to achieve a great range movement at their joint to perform positions such as the splits.

Test - Sit and reach

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Cardiovascular Fitness

Health Related Components of Fitness


C - Cardiovascular Fitness

"The ability to exercise the whole body for long periods of time without tiring."


  • Improved heart health
  • Allows you to focus on skill and tactics
  • Increased oxygen supply to muscles

Example - Long distance cyclist; would be able to maintain a constant and high level of oxygen to the blood and the heart would be able to obtain a greater stroke volume.

Test - 12 minute copper field run

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