Health and social Unit 1

Health and social unit 1

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life stages

1st life stage is infancy this is 1-2 years old

2nd life stage is early childhood this is 3-8 years old

3rd life stage is adolecence this is 9-18 years old

4th life stage is early adulthood this is 19-45 years old

5th life stage is middle adulthood this is 46-65 years old

6th life stage is later adult hood this is 65 years and over

Different factors affect how we grow and develop some are determined by the genes we inherit from our parents. These are nature influences. how tall we grow body shape and weight are all influenced from our genes. The effect of the enviroment also affect how people grow and develop. These are influences from nature.

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Health and social unit 1

Effect of relationships

Different relationships also affect how we grow and develop. People are mainly influenced by family and friends people they work with and close intimate relationships.

Effect of life events

When people pass through the life stages a wide range of events can affect their growth and development. Some events are expected like starting school and some are unexpected like accidents and a serious illness.

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fahiza Begum


Good, But I need unit 7

Emma Shaw


all this info os wrong, the life stages are as follows hun: 0-2 infancy 2-8 childhood 9-18 adolescence 19-45 early adulthood 45-64 middle adulthood 65+ later adulthood/ old age hope that helps other wise you revising the wrong thing:) x x **

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