Health and Social Care Unit 4

Unit 4 revision

mainly to do with:

  • expected and unexpected life events
  • health promotion
  • health improvement
  • Discuss/Asses questions need to be both sided, not biased.
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Discuss/ Assess questions are to be both sided, as they tend to be 8/10 mark questions, you can do this by constructing it like:

  • intergrate the question into the answer
  • talk about the negative
  • if negative is not available, then talk about what would have happened if there were no positives


The first 3 questions of each section tend to be identifying, explaining and assessing/discussing questions

the last few questions will be the 8/10 marks

and the first few will be 4-6 marks

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Expected or Unexpected?

Expected life events:

  • starting/ending employment
  • marriage/partnership
  • death/bereavment
  • starting school

Unexpected life events:

  • Serious illness
  • Loss of job
  • Financial difficulty
  • Relationship Breakdown
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Confusing Terms

If the question goes along the lines of assess health and well-being, the question is just asking you to assess the PIES of the person, obviously don't write something like

P: physically.. has met the needs

I:... has met the needs by

E:.... has met the needs by

S:.... and so on

integrate the answers, it doesnt even have to be in order, just get the positives and negatives of the persons PIES

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Identification questions tend to be about small subjects such as expected and unexpected life events, needs (PIES), Care values, 

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Importance of Care Values

Important because:

  • they help practitioners to respect the service users and their differences
  • helps care practioners to address care needs etc
  • ensure each individual is treated equally and fairly
  • protect individuals from poor-quality care, neglect, discriminitation and mistreatment 
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Care Values

  • Promoting anti-discriminatory practice
  • promoting and supporting individual rights to dignity, independence, health and safety
  • promoting effective communication and relationships
  • maintaining confidentiality of information
  • acknowledging individuals' personal beliefs and identity
  • protecting individuals from abuse
  • providing individualised care
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