Health And Social Care.

These are basic health and social things.

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Infancy-0-3 -

Physical- Can sit upsupported, Can walk, Can crawl.

Intellectual-Likes playing with different colours.

Emotional- Has a bond with main carers,Cries when lonely.

Social-Parrelle play, Smiles when recanises familiar faces.

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Physical-Learns to write,Likes running about.

Intellectual- Go's to school, learns to read books.

Emotional- Close friends

Social-Makes new friends at school.

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Physical-Vocie breaks,Breasts develop,Pubic hair grows,grows taller.

Intellectual- Starts studying for GCSE'S,

Emotional-May have boyfriend/girlfriend.

Social-May go out more with friends

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Physical-Have children,moving house,Going though menapause(women)

Intellectual-Starts a new Job, May go to university,Learn to drive.

Emotional-May have an emotional bond with parthner or children.

Social-May go out to Clubs/pubs, If have children may go to parent class's

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Later Adulthood-65+

Physical- Skin loses elasticity-eye sight deterriates-hearing deterriates

Intellectual-may do more wordsearch's/crosswords

Emotional-may have an emotional bond with grandchildren

social-May go to bingo with friends, may be taken out by volunary groups (Salvation army) To meet people their age.

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Growth means an increase in physical size-E.g height and weight-putting on weight.

Development means developing in skills or abilities.

Finemotor skills are skills like holding a pen, drawing or painting a picture.

Gross motor skills are skills like learing to walk, rideing a bike.

Self concept is the way you see yourself.

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