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Blattler et al 2002


·     To investigate whether supplying heroin on a medical programme, combined with therapy, would reduce cocaine use among polydrug users.

·     To investigate what factors were linked to cocain in multiple drug users

Method: cohort naturalistic study.


·     266 addicts on a drug treatment programme.

·     97 females. 168 males.

·     Average age was 30 years. All had made 2 attempts to give up, and failed.

·     They had to be addicted to heroin for at least 2 years.

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Blattler et al 2002


·     There was a positive correlation between cocaine use and the amount of contact wit the drug scene, including likelihood of working in the sex group.

·     The program prescribed heroin, as well as counseling and medical support.

·     The program only allowed the participants to continue if they followed by the rules, which included not selling the drugs and not mixing them , and attending the counseling sessions.

·     Participants were interviewed at the start and every 6 months for 18 months. They were asked standardized questions about how they felt and behaved.

·     They also conducted urine tests every 2 months.

·     Exact time, dosage and method of administering heroin was recorded.

·     HIV and Hep was tested every 6 months.

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