HIV - global distribution and the impacts on social, economic and lifestyle fators


HIV global distribution

· Africa is the worst affected region where in some countries one in five adults are living with AIDS.

· Lack of Education and the hot climate is causing a rising number of AIDS cases in Asia - 7.8 million cases in South and South East Asia.

· Unprotected sex is causing many to contract AIDS in the Carribean - 250 000 cases of AIDS in 2006.

· Latin America has 1.7 million people living with AIDS - the use of anti-retroviral drugs to fight AIDS has been

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AIDS impact on health

· Additional pressure on hospitals (in Africa AIDS patients take up ½ of all hospital beds).

· High medical cost (US$30 for each AIDS patient per year)

· AIDS orphans cannot access health care because they have to provide for siblings

· Reduced healthcare workforce because they all have AIDS or have emigrated (40% of the midwives In Zambia are themselves HIV positive).

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AIDS impact on economics

· Cost of healthcare is expensive

· Increased extreme poverty (% of world in extreme poverty will rise from 45% in 2000 to 51% in 2015)

· Economically active people are worst affected so reduction in work force and GNP etc. (14% of companies in Botswana are suffering).

· Agricultural work is neglected which can lead to poverty.

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AIDS impact on Lifestyle

· Few household resources because no income

· Break down of families

· Children are pulled out of school

· Famine

· People prevented from working through illness or because they are looking after others

· Death of family membersn (funeral costs).

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