Explaining the different things that take place during exercise and how to keep healthy

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ISEB Health Syllabuses

about the need for food for activity and growth, and about the importance of an adequate and varied diet for health

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Heart Rate

  • Heart rate is measured in bpm (beats per minute)
  • The heart rate is affected by the flow of oxygen in the body and how fast it flows
  • The more oxygen that needs to get to the organs the faster the blood carrying the oxygen needs to flow, this is increased by the heart beating faster
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Oxygen Level

  • Oxygen level is the ammount of oxygen present in the blood.
  • It is measured in a percentage
  • Anything above 95% is normal
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Dangers of Tobacco Smoking

  • Nicotine causes an addiction, raises blood pressure, damages blood vessels and increases risk of cardio vascular disease
  • Smoking reduces fertility
  • Carbon monoxide cuts down oxygen supply
  • Fine hairs (cilia) are destroyed
  • Lung cancer is caused by tar
  • Surface area of the air sacs are reduced
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