Health and social care HCSO7

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Muscular fitness

Hving the strength and stamina to cope with the stresses of everyday life e.g. persons capacity to exert force i.e. by lifting objects

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Maximum strength

Greatest force a muscle can exert in single contraction e.g. holding up a heavy weight

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Dynamic strength

Ability of NEUROMUSCULAR system to allow muscle to contract at a speed whilst overcoming resistance e.g. Running or Biking 

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Range of movement possible by the whole body or parts of the bodyt around a single joint

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Mobility Equation

Mobility = Speed + Balance + Endurance

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ability to move + change directions with speed, balance and endurance

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ability in which the body parts get into motion quickly or at maximum rate 

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Maintaince of the centre of massw over the base of support

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Ability to keep going or to sustain work without excessive fatique depends on muscular / aerobic fitness)

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