Health and Social Care

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Primary Socialisation

The family is responsible for primary socialisation. The child will adopt the norms and values of family members. This includes the child's learning and experiences of prejudice, gender roles and the skills of language. 

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Making a decision about a person without knowing anything about them. It is judging them by a particular characteristic, e.g their looks, clothing or accent. It usually involved making an unfair decision about a person.

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Gender Socialisation

Is the way we learn the roles that we are to take for the future, e.g male and female roles. It's thought that gender roles are learned depending on what is taught as being acceptable to the male and female.

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Secondary Socialisation

This refers to those things that affect us as we grow and develop. A child will learn things from the wider society, e.g teachers and friends. Secondary socialisation can include education, media and peers.

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