Health and social care


Health and wellbeing

Healthy and wellbeing is a combination of physical health and social,emotional and intellectual wellbeing, not just the absence of the disease or illness.


physical- healthy body system, regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular sleeping pattens, access to shelter and warmth, good personal hygine.

Intellectual-concentrate, kearn new skills, communicate, solve problems

Emotional-Feeling safeand secure, being able to express all emotions, knowing how to deal with neagative emotions, being respected by others, having posotive self concept

Social-friendships and other posotive relationships, strong family relationships, relationships aspart of social group

Economic-financial resources

Enviromental-enviromental conditions-eg.levels of pollution,noise. Housing-eg. conditions, location.

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physiological and lifestyle indicators

Pysiological indicators

pulse(resting and recovery rate after exercise)

blood pressure

peak flow

body mass index(BMI)

using published guidance data relating to these physiological indicatorrs

the potential significance of abnormal readings: risks to physical health

Lifestyle indicators


alchol comsumption

inacive lifestyles

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