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A2- The responsibilities of people who work in hea

Health and social care organisations have guidlines that describe the working procedures that should be followed to ensure that the care provided meets service users needs. 

Polocies and procedures aim to ensure that all staff and volunteers work within the law and to the highest proffessional standards. 

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What can doctors prescribe?

Doctors can prescribe:

  • liscenced drugs (poms, ps, GSL, foods, toiletries, or cosmetics. 
  • off label and off licence 
  • unlicenced medicines 
  • controlled drugs ( CDS)
  • appliancies or chemical reagents 
  • selected list schemes (SLS)
  •  borderline substances (ACB's) 

pharmasist independent prescribers:

  • prescribe what doctors do.
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What can physiotherapists prescribe?

Physiotherapists are independent prescribers, they can prescribe...

  • licenced drugs 
  • off label and off licenced
  • selected list scheme 
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