Health and Safety in the Workplace

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Safety and Hygiene

  • Ensure you have room to move around your client when your chair/bed is erect

  • Ensure you have room to store oils and consultation notes

  • Make sure the floor is clean, dry, noisy or cold

  • Keep room warm and ventilated

  • Use clean towels and bedding for each new client

  • Offer client water at all times before they leave

  • If you have another client straight after, allow first client time to relax

  • Always talk through aftercare advice
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  • Maintain a professional appearance

  • Uniform/salon clothes should be clean and ironed

  • Long hair must be tied back off the face

  • Wear no jewellery including watches, with exception of a fob watch

  • Maintain good standard of personal hygiene

  • Keep nails short, clean and free of nail polish

  • Always wash hands before and after treatment
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