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Basic Healing Process

  • Removal of dead and foreign material
  • Clearance of inflammatory response
  • Regeneration of tissue where possible - replacement of tissue by proliferation of remaining cells 
  • Replacement of lost tissue with connective tissue. This is called organisation - cells cannot replace through regeneration so are replaced by connective (scar) tissue.
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First intention healing

  • Heals from superficial to deep, side to side
  • Incisions fills with bloof serum which clots and seals wound
  • There is acutre inflammation at skin edges
  • Skin surface begins to heal by regeneration
  • Hair follicles, sebaceous cysts and sweat glands heal by regeneration
  • Inflammation starts to subside
  • Tissue fills woth granulation tissue
  • Fibroblasts and collagen are deposited
  • Blood vessels and collegen retract
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Second intention healing

  • Heals deep to superficial
  • Fibrin clot
  • Granulation
  • Regeneration of skin edges
  • Contracton of wound
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