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Japanese Tsunami, March 2011

Source: Wideworld magazine, Sep 2011

Location of Epicentre: off the northeast coast of Japan, 130 km east of Sendai (the nearest city) 

Scale of Earthquake: 9.0

Boundary: Pacific plate subducted under Eurasian plate

Height of Wave: highest was 30 metres 

Deaths: 16,000

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Japanese Earthquake, March 2011

Source: Worldwide magazine, Sep 2011

Location of Epicentre: Off the northeast coast of Japan, 130 km from Sendai (the nearest city)

Boundary: Pacific plate subducted under the Eurasan plate

Deaths: 260 (low)

Secondary Hazards: Devistating tsunami

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Soufriere Hills, Active Volcano in Montserrat

Source: Geography Review magazine, Feb 2012

Location: South Montserrat

Active from: 1995

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2004 Tsunami, Koh Phi Phi Don island in Thailand

Source: Geography Review magazine, Sep 2012

Location: the Indian Ocean 

Scale: 8.9

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Chinese Earthquake, May 2008

Source: Natural Hazards magazine, 2010/2011

Location: Sichuan

Scale: 7.9

Focus: Shalllow (19 km) 

Deaths: 90,000

Note: It was poor prapardness rather than physical factors which led to such a large scale of desaster

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Mount Merapi, 2010

Source: Natural Hazards Magazine, 2012/2013


Location: 28 km north of Yogyakarta city, central Java, Indonesia 


Boundary: Indo-Australian plate subducting beneath Eurasian plate


Type: Strato-volcano Active since: 1548


Secondary hazard: Nov 2006, heavy rain triggured lahars.         

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