Hazard hotspots

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The Philippines

-located on major plate boundary (philippine and eurasian) making it prone to volcanoes and earthquakes due to the destructive plate boundary, the boundary at which 80% of the world's earthquake occur
-->mt pinatubo's eruption in 1991 , the biggest the world had seen for over 50 years, however effective management (evacuating people at the first sign of eruption, eventually 200,000 were evacuated from the area within a 30km radius) reduced the number of deaths and injuries to just over 4300
-the earthquakes that happen due to the plate boundary can also trigger tsunamis and landslides eg.
--an earthquake in 2006 generated a tsunami 3m high, killed 15, knjured 100 and destroyed 800 buildings. It also triggered landslides which broke off some of the wall of the crater of a volcano and this fell into a lake causing floods.

  • 2006 mudslide completely engulfed a village killing 1150 by covering 3km^2 of land
    the warm temperature surrounding the ohilippines are ideal for typhoons , a series of storms in 2004 killed 1800. This isn't unusual because typhoons and storms kill several thousand people evry decade
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California lies on the San Andreas fault, created by a conservative plate boundary between the north american and pacific plate. They both move in the same direction but the pacific moves faster creating friction and pressure, which when released can cause earthquakes

  • 1906 san fran was destroyed in a 8.2 eartquake on the richter scale. It fractured gas pipes so there were also explosions and water mains which would have helped stop the fires caused by * 1989 earthquake of magnitude 7.1 and epicentre loma prieta in the loma cruz mountains
    63 died and 13000 injured
    10,000 homes destroyed and over 20,000 damaged
    Damage cost US $6 billion
  • 1994 earthquake magnitude 6.7 struck densely populated San Fernando Valley
    Many thousand aftershocks causing further damage
    57 died and 1500 seriously injured
    12500 buildings were damaged
    9000 homes and businesses without electricity for several days , 48500 without water
    Damage to freeways casuing traffic for 30km

California also has a threat from drought and forest fires, flood risk coicides with el nino and drought risk with la nina

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