Hawk Roosting

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Hawk Roosting

about a hawk boasting it's power, it think it's the most powerful creature in the world it. describes how it likes to kill it's prey violently. this could be a metaphor for the behaviour of political leaders or people in general

FORM - a dramatic monologue, helps to make the narrators argument stronger

STRUCTURE - ends with a confident statement about the future, showing the hawks sense of power and control. some repetition to add emphasis to key ideas

LANGUAGE - formal and regal tone suggests a strong sense of pride and superiority. the earth is also personified as a humble subject of the hawk.  first person pronouns  underlines how central and important the hawk is in it's world. finally the poem contains strong images of violence and death. this emphasised how efficient the hawk is at killing whilst remaining unemotional about it

hawks presented as powerful and destructive (it's proud of it's perfection and efficiency) and the hawks attitude it's egotistical and arrogant. it's omnipotent in it's own eyes

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Hawk Roosting - Quotes

"The top of the wood" its physical height in the world is a metaphor for its high status in the animal kingdom

"no falsifying dream" the hawk has no time for imagination or fantasy and stays true for it's physical nature - shows how it feels no emotion?

"Convenience, advantage" shows how the hawk is doing what natural, not doing anything wrong because its made to kill

"earths face upward" this is a metaphor for how the earths face is like a person face observing the hawk from below looking up at it. 

"Whole of creation" the hawk thinks its the most important thing, nothing else has meaning and no effort has been put into making other creatures. killing them means nothing?

"The sun is behind me" literally the sun is behind it creates imagery, and shows how the sun is supporting it, like mother nature made it to kill with its "Hooked Feet"

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