Strong Walls with 26 towers.

3 barbicans with drawbridges and port-cullises and a deep moat.

Harfleur garrison had roughly 700 men.

Garrison led by Sieur d'Estouteville.

Ditch and stockade around town.

Ships cut off estuary escape/reinforcement/supply route.

English mined but French counter-mined effectively.

12 feet cannons with 2 foot calibre, with possible shrapnel.

Cannons in trench at base of wall to destroy sections of wall.

Dysentry and malaria from bad wine + water + summer heat + marshy camp land.

many dead from cold and fruit eating, including Earls of Arundel, March Suffolk and Bishop of Norwich.

Barbican fell on 17th September.

Garrison offered truce until October 6th but was until 22nd September.

Garrison surrendered because of no reinforcements.

Results = 1/3 of English dead, rich and wealthy sent to England for ransoming.

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