Hard management techniques

Hard management techniques

  • Dams- These trap and store water, then then let it out in a controlled way.
  • Embankments- These are raised banks along the river that make the river deeper.
  • Flood walls- These are built around settlements and important factories or roads.
  • Straightening and deepening the river- This is called channelising the river faster, so it doesn't build up, less likely to flood.
  • Storage areas- The water can be pumped out of the river and stored in temporary lakes.
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Soft management techniques

Soft management techniques:

  • Washlands- These are parts of the floodplain that are allowed to flood.
  • Land use zoning- This is where land has different building controls depending on how far away from the river it is.
  • Afforestation- This is replacing trees in the catchment.
  • Warning systems- Warnings are issued by the environment agency so that local people can put sandbags by their homes.
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