Hard Engineering: Three Gorges Dam, China.

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3 Gorges Dam China

Hard Engineering 3 Gorges Dam, China. A hydro electric dam, aimed to reduce flooding downstream of the dam

River: Yangtze
Completed: 2009 (dam completed in 2006)
Actual costs: £25 billion (estimated)
Energy generated: 18,200 megawatts
Power generation: 26 turbines on left and right sides of dam. Six underground turbines planned for 2010
Why built: Dam generate electricity for central and Eastern China - including ShanghI population 13million Improve Navigation along the river Reduce flood risk for 15million people
Sizes: Dam - 2.3km long and 100m high Reservoir behind - 660km long and 1km wide

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• Resettlement of 1.2 million from cities, 11 district centres and 100+ Villages to new settlements
• Loss pf cultural monuments -Zhang Fei Temple
• 50% reduction in sediment transported downstream between 1998 - 2004 -
increased erosion rates downstream
• sediment build up behind dam will need dredging
• Afforestation needed on slopes in drainage basin to reduce sediment washed into river
• increased likliehood of landslides
• Species had habitat disrupted - White Flag Dolphin

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