Handel-And The Glory Of The Lord

First chorus in the oratorio 'Messiah' by Handel

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  • written in 17 41
  • libretto made up of bits from the Old and New Testament
  • And The Glory Of The Lord is the first chorus heard in the Messiah
  • written for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and full baroque orchestra
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General Information

  • in A major which makes it sound happy and joyful
  • modulates to E major twice and B major once
  • texture is mainly homophonic and occasionally polyphonic
  • marked allegro meaning quick and lively
  • written in 3/4
  • has a hemiola where it feels like 2/4 in some places
  • last four bars marked adagio meaning they're much slower
  • ends with a plagal cadence
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Main Musical Ideas

  • the first motif is "and the glory of the lord" which is first sung by the altos. it's syllabic
  • the second motif is "shall be revealed" which is first sung by the tenors. it's a descending sequence and is melismatic
  • the third motif is "and all flesh shall see it together" which is first sung by the altos. it's made up of the same bit of melody that is repeated three times
  • the fourth motif is "for the mouth of the lord hath spoken it" which is first sung by the tenors and basses. it's a pedal point as it is sung on the same note. the note length's are quite long making it sound serious and important
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