Handel Section B Answers

section b answers 

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  • Four main ideas which relate to a particular part of the text.
  • Each meloic idea is contrasting

-one uses sequence 'revealed'

-one uses mainly long repeated A's 'for the mouth'

-one is made up of short repeated motifs 'and the glory'

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  • SATB choir
  • The vocal is both Syllabic and Melismatic
  • Orchestra

-Strings- Violin 1 and 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass


-Woodwind- Oboes and Bassoons

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Metre / Rhythm / Tempo

  • Triple time- 3/4- dance like metre
  • Fast Tempo- Allegro
  • General pause at the end-'drawn out' ending
  • Ending is Adagio
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Harmony and Tonality

  • Major through out- lending the piece a bright and joyous affection
  • A major
  • Modulates to the Dominant E major and the Dominants Dominant B major

-adding to the bright fee

  • Piece is marked by frequent Perfect Cadences - reinforcing the Key
  • Ends with a Plagal Cadence on A major
  • Harmony is Diatonic
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  • Texture is constantly changing
  • Starts Monophonic with the Alto entry
  • Ending Plagal Cadence is Homophonic
  • Some doubling of parts
  • Much Imitation through out
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  • Terraced or Stepped Dynamics- common in Baroque music
  • Often determined by the number of parts playing at any given point
  • Starts Quietly in the Orchestral Introduction
  • Ends Dramatically with a Rest followed by a Loud Cadence
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