Hand and Power tools

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Ripsaw - for wood

Tenon saw - for wood

Hacksaw - for metal and plastics

Coping saw - for cutting curves in metal and plastic

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Planes and Files

Planes and Files are used for shaping and smoothing.

Bench planes have angles blades that shaves off thin layers - used to shape wood

Files have hundred of small teeth to cut away material. They can have different 'cuts'. Rough cuts = removal of material. Fine cuts = finishing.

Files come in different profile for different shapes.

Most files are used for metals and plastics. Special ones with coarse teeth (cabinet rasps) are used on wood

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To help drill in the right place a pilot hole can be made with a bradawl (wood and plastic) or a centre punch (metal).

Depending on how hard the metal is a brace, hand drill or power drill can be used.

There are different drill bits: Twist bits are used to drill small holes in wood.

High speed steel twist bits are used on metals and plastics.

Flat bits are used to drill large flat bottomed holes in wood or plastic.

Countersink bits are used to make holes for screw heads to sit in.

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Chisels are used to cut away and shape wood and metal.

1) Wood chisels come in different profiles - you hit them with a mallet.

2) Gougers are used for sculpting.

3) Cold chisels are used for metal - you hit them with a hammer.

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A jigsaw is a power tool that cuts all materials.

It has interchangable blades.

It has variable speeds.

It can make straight and curved cuts.

It is quite slow

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Circular Saw

A circular saw can be hand held or a power tool.

the wood is held stationary and the saw is moved along it

Good for making straight cuts very quickly in wood.

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A planer is used like a bench plane to remove shavings of wood - to either reduce the size or for rough shaping.

it takes less effort and is much faster than a bench plane.

However, it is not as accurate!

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