Haloalkanes Revision Cards

Basically something I've thrown together because the majority of our class is struggling with this. These are based on the AQA AS Chemistry book and if I get anything wrong sorry, but that is quite likely! If you see anything just add it to the comments or edit it if you can!

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What is a Halogen?

An alkane skeleton with one or more halogens in the place of a hydrogen atom.



General formula: CnH2n+1X

(X is the halogen)

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Melting and Boiling Points

As the chain length increases so does the melting and boiling points.

M.P. and B.P. increase down the group.


Increased Van Der Waals -> beacuse they are a larger molecule, more electrons etc.

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Physical Properties

Insolube: C-X bond isn't polar enough to make it soluble.

Main intermolectular forces:

  • Van Der Waals,
  • Dipole Dipole


  • Dry cleaning fluids, when mixed with hydrocarbons.
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Somethings gotta give...

When Haloalkanes react it is usually the C-X bond that will breaks

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