Haiti Earthquake, January 2010

Human and Physical Effects of the Earthquake.

Prediction/Prevention and Responses. 

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Quick Facts

Date: 12th January 2010

Location: Haiti, Caribbean- L.E.D.C

Magnitude: 7.0

Death Toll: 200,000 +

People Affected: 300,000 (dead or injured)

Economic Damage: $7.8 billion

Plate margin: Conservative

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere

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Physical Causes

  • North American plate collided with Caribbean plate
  • Fault line through Haiti
  • Collapsed Government
  • Port au Prince: approx 35miles from epicentre 
  • Climate: heat and humidty causing disease to spread quicker.
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Human Issues

  • Level of poverty
  • Poor education and safety equipment
  • Lack of services 
  • High population meaning more damage due to overcrowding- especially in Port au Prince
  • Danger to the high population of children causing issues as they are used to work.
  • Poorly structure infrastructure- buildings and roads. 
  • No Government
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  • Destroyed infrastructure. - 1/3 of buildings damaged or destroyed
  • Prisoners escaped from collapsed prisons leading to looting and crime. There was lack of police to manage this.
  • Loss of jobs - people trying to rebuild their businesses without any money.
  • Social interferences due to loss of loved ones.
  • Loss of skilled doctors and nurses for surgery. No medicine or knowledge to treat diseases. 
  • Spread of disease
  • 300,000 dead or injured
  • Homelessness
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Prediction and Prevention

  • Poor Technology so poor communication.
  • Delay of three days before medical care arrived
  • Inabilty to predict earthquake
  • No money to provide emergency aid kits
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  • Delayed response due to lack of government for organising and communicating.
  • Delayed response of 5 days before relief.
  • President Obama pleaded for help.
  • Organised resue teams delivered relief and construction aid. 
  • Helicopters bought fresh supplies of water
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