Haiti earthquake

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Background to earthquake

12th January 2010, 4.53pm!

Epicentre: Leogane

cause: Rupture in the enriquillo plantain garden fault which has been locked for 250 years gathering stress

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Primary effects- Haiti

1.3.5 million people effected

2. 220,000 deaths

3. 300,000 injured

4.183,383 homes destroyed

5. 4,000 schools damaged.

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Secondary effects- Hiati earthquake

19m cubic metres of rube in port-au-prince

600,000 people left there homes

Shanty towns housed 500,000

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Immediate responses- Haiti earthquake

Dominican republic goverment sent 8 mobile medical units, 36 doctors and 39 trucks of canned food.

187,000 doctors went to Haiti.

America raised $7m in 24hrs.

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Long Term responses- Haiti earthquake

In 6months 39 schools were up and running

DEC angencies have $380m

13,149 teachers were trained

1.2m benefitted from water aid

500,000 have temporary shelter

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