Growth of the Nazi Party: Hitler's early life GCSE Edexcel History 2A


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Hitler's Early life - 1

  • Hitler was born in Austria, in Braunau, which was a small town in Austria.
  • His younger brother died at the age of 6.
  • Adolf was at first bright and clever, but after his brother died he turned rebeliious.
  • His father was a customs officer and wanted Hitler to follor in his footsteps, and so he would physically and mentally abuse him.
  • Hitler failed school, leaving at the age of 16 and leaving his home at 18 to live in Vienna, the capital of Austria.
  • He applied for the Arts Academy there twice and failed to get in both times.
  • He ended up in a hostel for the homeless, scraping a living by painting postcards.
  • During his 5 years in Vienna, he became interested in politics.
  • He supported nationalist parties, demanding better wages, conditions and right to vote for workers.
  • He also grew to hate foreigners, especially the Jews.
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Hitler's Early life - 2

  • Hitler had a soft spot for his mother, and carried a photo of her everywhere when she died of breast cancer at the age of 48.
  • He dodged army service during peacetime, but in 1914 he was 'infected' by 'war fever'.
  • He served the German army and proved to be a brave soldier-he carried messages accross trenches which was a very dangerous job to do.
  • He won 6 medals for bravery, including the Iron Cross, 1st Class, which was the best medal a soldier could get.
  • However, he never got above the rank of a corporal.
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