Group Display in Aggression

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Group Display in Aggression

  • Xenophobia- The fear and hatred of strangers- (Wilson)
  • Wong- this favoures natural selection, as people would be tolerant to their own group, but would be defensive against strangers. This would also help avoid attack.
  • Poladari and Balestri found tendencies of group display in Italian football crowds. Xenaphobic football organisations such as the northern league lead crows to extreme right wing tendencies.
  • Territoriality-Theprotective resopnseto the invasion of ones privacy. seen in aminals.
  • Huntingford andTurner- This mimics the threats seen in modern day football. For example simoen rugby teams adopted war chants pror to a game as a way of defending their ground.
  • Tesosterone- Increased testosterone in aggressive behaiver. Football teams playing at home more liley to win due to increased testosterone.
  • Warfare-Difficult to understand why an organism that is trying to survive would go into war.


  • Foldesi-Hungarian football crowds, found racist conduct led to voilant behaviour
  • Lewis- fans contribute to the home advantage
  • Pollard, Pollard- home advantage still exsits in small crowds
  • Moore, american basket ball teams, home advantage despite no spectators due to measels epidemic
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