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Ciron - Speech was proof of marriage + legitimacy = needed to be proven so he could inherit, Presents Evidence that he was accepted by Phratry.

Euphilitus - On trial for killing a man that slept with his wife. Strange relationship between Euphilitus + wife. His mother died, wife went to funeral, where she was spotted by Eratosthenes. Euphilitus warned of affair by an old hag. Euphilitus gatehrs a crowd and finds Eratosthenes + his wife sleeping together, Eratosthenes boudn and killed by Euphilitus, Euphilitus uses the Defence of Solon's law, which said that he was legally allowed to kill Eratosthenes.

Philoneus - Prosecutor bringing inditement agaisnt his stepmother, for posioning his father. Philoneus was a friend of the prosocuters father, and was trying to dispose of his concubine. The Stepmother made friends with the concubine and persuaded her to add a  'potion' to their meal to make him ove her more. Everyone travelled to the Piraeus where Philoneus and speakers father were to travel to Naxos. Concubine administers the 'potion'(poison) and Philoneus dies instantly, his father dies a few weeks later. Concubine was arrested and executed without a trial as she was not a citizen.

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